The solitary lapwing

During the past few days I have noticed a solitary lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) in our front garden.  I found this rather strange as I have only seen them previously in flocks during cold weather in the nearby fields.  I admit to having a special fondness for them as they recall my childhood following my father on his fishing trips in the west of Scotland.  There too they were in flocks and I loved to hear their distinctive cry which gives them their common name of peewits.

Being unsure of their habits I checked with the RSBP website and sure enough they do flock on farmland and ploughed fields.  So what was a single one doing in our garden day after day?

The worrying aspect of this is that his chosen “patch” is just outside our living room door (glass door).  He appears to be looking in forlornly from the sub-zero outside while I sit comfortable beside my log fire.  It seems as if I am refusing entry to  a reticent guest.

I warn myself of the dangers of transferring human emotions to animals with no ability to feel them.  After all that patch of the lawn is now clear of snow and I have seen the blackbirds feeding on it so the lapwing must be doing likewise. Then he walks past the window again and stands one leg as if he is trying to warm up the other one.

I really must get out more.