A bird in the hand

One has a tendency to marvel at nature, at the wonderful accomplishments of simple creatures.

But let’s face it – they make mistakes too.

In my opinion it was all the sparrows fault.  They have a tendency to flock down on the patio and then when one decides to leave the others all fly off frequently sowing panic amongst the other birds.  My poor robin must have been startled and misjudged his trajectory on taking flight.  Luckily, I heard the bump and went out immediately to retrieve the unconscious ball of feathers.

He was treated to the dark box in a quiet place therapy.  I think a lot of birds must succumb when left motionless in the cold.  Yesterday it took less than an hour before the robin was back on his feet. He was able to fly from the box on ground level to perch on a phone line high above the ground before heading to a favourite bush to take cover.

I do like stories with happy endings!

3 thoughts on “A bird in the hand

  1. I came by from the help forum and saw you have a category about birds. Of course, I had to peek. Your Robin is definitely not our American Robins. What a sweet little thing and I am glad you gave it a helping hand. Not many know how to do this. You didn’t mention, but I am guessing it hit the window? Do you have any type of bird tape or decals on it? We looked a little caged-in here with our bird tape, but we’ve seen birds come head on toward the window, then make a quick change in plans to avert disaster.


    1. I have lived in the States and when I first saw your robin I had to laugh – everything really is bigger in the states. It looks more like our Thrushes with a red chest. I have tried the decals of silhouettes of birds of prey but I did not find them particularly effective. Now the patio doors have got small window panes it is difficult to fit them on. I am reluctant to screen out my view as I enjoy watching the birds on the patio and garden. We still get the odd bump but mostly they can fly away.


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