Bees in the willows

The weather today was like summer.  The temperature was in the mid 20’s and the bees were busy.

They were busy in my weeds.

They were busy in the rosemary.

They were foraging in the flowers…

And in the dog violets.

But the biggest attraction was the willow tree at the bottom of the garden.

Listen, they are really high up but you can still hear them.

2 thoughts on “Bees in the willows

  1. You seem to enjoy photographing the same things I love so much. I do not have a garden, but living in a small town there is lots of countryside around where I can find motives for my trusted and good old Canon. This march I spent hours underneath a willow shooting the catkins and all the bees around them.


    1. I am very lucky as we have planted a lot of fruit trees in the garden and I have a now well-established winter flowering honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima), it grows very quickly. It is not a native plant but very hardy and bounced straight back after suffering temperatures of -15 centigrade and the bumble bees love it. We are in the countryside too and have lovely walks all around.


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