I love thee, I love thee not…a short lived love affair

I love thee…

Blythe creature!  You flew into my life on gossamer wings, alighting on the flowers to sup their nectar and leave me breathless with your beauty.


I wanted to learn more about you.  What were you called?  Were you rare?

I needed to know.  Quick.  Your photo was blasted onto http://www.visoflora.com/.

I love thee not…

You are a fly!  Yuk!

A fly! I love thee not.

How could you have deceived me?

I love thee…

O.K.  So you are also called a bee-fly, that’s not so bad.  You are a mimic, it is your strategy to survive – I can’t fault you there.


There is a guy here on this web site that loves you.  Why not me?  After all it is a bit staid to reject you just because you are a fly, albeit with a cute name Bomylius major.  You are just as furry as a bumble bee and I love those.  I must really widen my horizons, make my own decisions and not be bound by conventional, narrow ideas.  I can love flies too!

You do what!   You lay your eggs so that they parasitize solitary bees’ nests.  Your eggs become maggots that turn into ectoparasites sucking the body fluids from the  bee larvae!  Stop, too much information – this is a bee friendly blog.

This has got to be the end of the line.

I love thee not.