A hole in the grass

This is a picture of a hole in my garden.

And why should this interest you?  Well in fact, it probably doesn’t interest most people.

For my sins, I found it very exciting.  To me it seemed an extremely interesting hole.  My immediate thought was that I had stumbled upon the entrance of a solitary bee’s nest.  I was delighted!

Well, just long enough to take a closer look and see how big it was.  Definitely not the entrance to a bee’s nest.  But it did have a well-travelled looking little path leading to the entrance.  Something was definitely going in and out and it was bigger than a bee.  I had no ideas about what it might be but I was desperate to find out.  So it was a matter of patience.

I settled down to out-stare the hole.

I was rewarded by some movement.   I got the camera at the ready and out popped a head.  A quick photograph, and I was still none the wiser.

A bit of movement and he was gone back down his hole, only re-appearing if I remained still and quiet.

This thing with the big bulbous head was not a beetle.  After some head scratching and some research on the Internet, I believe it is a field cricket.  It was the first time I had seen one.

Strangely the same night he (or a friend) came to sing in the front garden so I nipped out to take another photo.

And I had thought it was cicadas that had been serenading us all this time!  Now I know who sings to us in the summer.

Maybe next time I’ll find a solitary bee’s nest.