Bee orchid


I am so excited, I’ve just found a bee orchid  (Ophrys apifera)  in the border of the front garden!  It was nearly an ex-bee orchid as I was in the process of ripping out the dead forget-me-nots.

Is it just me or does it look happy I found it too?



11 thoughts on “Bee orchid

  1. speedymcspeed

    It must have heard that your garden was very bee friendly! That’s very exciting indeed…not too much likelyhood of wild orchids here in Weybridge.


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  3. Lydia Friz

    I am a Venturer Scout with the BSA. I am working on a project with Willoughby Heritage Farm and Conservation Reserve in Collinville, IL, USA. The project includes planting a Pollinator Prairie for elementary students to learn about the pollination process and about pollinators. I am making a sign to be displayed on the Prairie. I am interested in using one of your photos on this sign and am seeking your permission to do so. Also, if you grant permission to use your photo, how do you want me to cite your photo on the sign?

    If you would like more information on Willoughby Farm or the project feel free to contact me. I look forward to to hearing from you.

    Lydia Friz


    1. What a fantastic project! I wish you all the best with the project and I am delighted that you would want to use one of my photographs. I don’t mind how you cite me just a blog – afrenchgarden or something like that. I have lots of photographs of bees such as Carpenter bees pollinating flowers and broad beans even a hornet pollinating black currants – they are not well-loved insects but they do a lot of good. I have lots of bumble bee pictures pollinating flowers and broad beans as well as other bees. If you need anything specific I will see if I have anything. If you have difficulty getting it off the site contact me again. Amelia


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