Carcassonne visit

Last Saturday morning we realised that if we did not take the chance to get away for a few days we would have no time to fit it in before I go back to the UK in May to be with the family.  A couple of hours later we had booked our hotel in the Mediaeval Cite of  Carcassonne.

There has been no work done in the garden this week but if you would like to share our visit to Carcassonne – here are some photographs of the places we saw.

The area is really beautiful and we hope to return another time to explore more of the countryside.

22 thoughts on “Carcassonne visit

    1. Our guide, Julian, said it was the third most visited place in France after Paris and Mont St. Michael, which surprised me. I think there is a lot of internal tourism and were amused with all the little boys we saw in their plastic breast plates with cross bows etc. The area around it is truly beautiful and we did not have time to visit the many ruins of the Cathar castles.


  1. As much as there is a lot to photograph here, in the US, one thing missing are these type of structures. They would, indeed, be very interesting to visit and photograph.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. We were there during the school holidays or it would have been quieter, which could have posed problems as some of the restaurants in the old city may have been closed. Most of France can be very quiet outside of their annual holidays during July and August. In the UK we often take short breaks at different times of the year but it isn’t so common here.


  2. Lovely photos. I went to Carcassonne about 20 years ago and found it fascinating. Sadly I was not able to stay overnight in the city walls. That must be wonderful.


    1. I think that is the difference between the States and Europe. France has got many more very old buildings than the UK. They had more people interested in maintaining their heritage much earlier on.


  3. Looks like you picked a good time to visit – blue sky and not too thronged with other visitors. In July and August, it can be difficult to move through those narrow streets. Every year, we like to go to one or two of the open air concerts (held in the ‘old’ amphitheatre) during the summer Festival – its quite magical. The July 14th fireworks are also magnifique!


    1. Thanks for the link. The concerts sound great. I’ve never been so organised to get to anything like that. My only complaint about French life is that everything seems to happen in mid summer including visits from family and friends and we seem to miss a lot of events.


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