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Reflections on nature in a garden in France


A bee with no name

Paranoid I must be, but I am beginning to think they are following me.  The bees that is.

Bee with no name

I posted on my Dasypoda hirtipes in my garden yesterday and raved about her “pantaloons” and today I go for a walk and meet another well-endowed bee.

Centaurea cyanus

I don’t think she is the same species but she is indeed gathering pollen or nectar from Centaurea cyanus which is in the Asteraceae family.


She is certainly a well-endowed bee on the hairy hind leg side.  Her white pantloons give her a different look from the yellow ones I am used to seeing.  Dasypoda hirtipes has an attractive ginger brown natural colouration to her hind leg hairs.  I wonder if she could cover all that up with a mass of white pollen?