Hollyhocks revisited.

Three Tetralonia (2)

This morning (Saturday 5 July 2014) I had a look in the Hollyhocks and saw two Tetralonia bees still not properly awake at 8 a.m.  They are not early risers.

Three Tetralonia (1)

As I bent to take the photograph from a different angle I noticed that there were three!  It had been a rainy night with cooler overnight temperatures so I wonder whether its warmer to share your hollyhock shelter with others?

14 thoughts on “Hollyhocks revisited.

    1. You are very welcome to any of my photos. I post them on a reduced size so that they load up more quickly, if you need them in their original size I could Dropbox them to you. Amelia


    1. That seems to be the obvious explanation now that you mention it!
      The male has very long antenna. You get a similar bee Eucera longicornis in the U.K. they are closely related; Eucera have 2 sub-marginal cells and Tetralonia 3. Amelia


  1. Gorgeous! I have seen similar bees sleeping in the ‘blooms’ of my dogwood tree. Although they don’t seem to get together, precisely keeping to one bee, one ‘bloom’.


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