Still waiting…

Front border

The bulbs are up but the sun is obscured by a thick grey blanket.

Front house

It is true that in our optimism our table was put on the patio a couple of weeks ago but it has since been covered with plastic and although temperatures are not low, there is no sunshine to attract you out into the garden.

Apricot flowers

The apricot forces open a few sporadic flowers but there is no real covering of blossom.

plum fruits

At least the big plum tree benefited from some warm sunny days and now is showing the green beginnings of baby plums.

Apple leaf bud

One of the apple trees has just started to open up the leaf buds with the blossom still curled inside.

Fritillaria persica

The dull weather hasn’t prevented the “Jack and the Beanstock ” appearance of the Fritillaria persica.

Fritillaria persica

The bulb produces a spike and the grey green leaves reach upwards in a slight spiralling direction.  An altogether elegant plant that has kept me company as I watch it from indoors waiting for the weather to improve.  This was a trial of an unknown but it looks worthwhile repeating in the garden with some more next year.

Wisteria flowers

We are all waiting.  The Wisteria buds to flower;

Wisteria leaf bud

their leaf buds resting discretely in the background waiting for the word to go.


The Amelanchier is waiting to add some brightness to the back garden –

Back garden

which is looking empty now that the big plum tree and the willow have stopped flowering.

New bee hotel

At least my husband has come up trumps with his latest bee hotel to add to my collection.  I think it is the best one yet.

Osmia cornuta males

Although even that has become a waiting place for different male bees waiting for their females to hatch.  The newly drilled holes in the wood provide a sheltered spot away from the wind and rain.  (For those interested in the antics of my mason bees check out “Isn’t Nature wonderful ???” on my Bees in a French Garden blog.  These two are Osmia cornuta males.

Bumble in Hellebore

In fact, it is only the bumbles bees that put me to shame.  They are not put off by a bit of dull weather and get on out there to carry on without grumbling about overcast skies.