There is a lot of dew in the garden at this time of year.  The grass is wet and Wellington boots are a necessity.  But trudging down the garden early in the morning I noticed what lovely patterns the dew left on the flowers.


The Phacelia was well sprinkled…

Winter Honeysuckle

as was the Winter Honeysuckle.  So I felt the urge to sprint, as fast as my Wellies would allow, back to the house to get my camera.

Full rose 2

In the front garden the fully open rose was in competition …

Rose bud

with the rose bud to produce the most delicate drop patterns.


Then I spotted and extra big drop on a Persimmon left hanging as a winter treat for the birds.  I managed to get an upside down image of the house!

But all this had started with good intentions, my weeding tool and Welly boots.  It is too easy for me to get distracted in the garden.

Bemused robin

As the Robin followed me back and forth through the garden, he seemed to be trying to work out what I was up to.  It was as if the rolls had been reversed and I was being watched for the entertainment value I was providing.

Only fair really, after all the hours of pleasure I get watching the wildlife in the garden.

33 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. I think you have a lovely flair with the artwork that is freely given by nature to those of us who have eyes, ears and nose to appreciate the gift. The way you write about your experiences and the photographs lets me share in your presents from nature too. Thank you for this, Lindy Lou

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  2. Love your upside down house in a dewdrop. And your cute robin. We all do it though, going out with good intentions and getting distracted. That’ s why was love our gardens- endless entertainment.


  3. The image of the Robin would make a beautiful card Amelia, I like the thought of him being entertained by your antics. We still have a little Phacelia and Cerinthe in flower here, both escaped the frosts and now we have some mild weather again, maybe even enough for dew to form here too. Lovely post.

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    1. I’ve been keeping my eye on the phacelia but recently I think other things have been attracting them. The sunshine that we are having is keeping them active. I just hope they are not as confused as some of the flowers and trees are with this unseasonally mild start to the winter. Amelia

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