The Jewel of Nineveh

The Jewel of Nineveh

This is not the first time I have recommended a book but it is the first time I have recommended a book that is not about bees.

Intrigued?  Well, I hope you will be intrigued by the plot!  However, I must come clean and admit that it an unashamed pitch for my son’s first novel.

I did not read it before it was published as it was “not my type of book” and I did not want to be discouraging.  However, the story woke up the little girl in me who had loved the Rider Haggard adventures and shown me how I could still get lost in another time and another place.



If you are still not convinced you can read the prologue for free as it has been published as a free e-book short story “The Thief”.  There are multiple versions available for any device depending whether you use Kindle Reader (MOBI), Kobo or Nook (EPUB).

But to get the full flavour of the adventures get The Jewel of Nineveh from Amazon.

You can find all the links at his author’s web page http:/


15 thoughts on “The Jewel of Nineveh

  1. The link to your son’s website didn’t work (a full stop at the end that shouldn’t be there) but I found it anyway.

    I’ve read the teaser short story “The Thief” and I really enjoyed it. I confess it’s not my typical kind of book either, but I like reading outside of my comfort zone sometimes. However I don’t have a Kindle. Does he plan on putting the book on Smashwords in epub format so readers without Kindles can get the chance to read his full novel.

    Congratulations to your son for getting his story down into a novel and making that final step to publish it.

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    1. Thanks for mentioning that I let a full stop slip in because that has let me correct it now.
      As a new author, Diavosh has decided to experiment with Kindle Unlimited (ebook exclusive for 90 days) to see what Amazon do for his discoverability.
      He was very excited to get such a glowing first review at Smashwords! 🙂 Amelia

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      1. I was happy to leave an honest review!

        I put the same review on Goodreads but it often takes a couple of days to show up there as they actually read and approve each one. I’d have put it on Amazon as well but The Thief isn’t available on Amazon.

        I understand why Diavosh is thinking Amazon is where the largest audience can be found, I know my books have had the lion’s share of their sales there, but there are some of us who will never have a Kindle. My books are on Amazon and Smashwords but my publisher puts them there so I don’t know what the hassle (or cost?) is to have it on both but if your son can swing it, I don’t see a downside.

        Anyway, keep us posted on his success!


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