A beekeeper’s notes for the year

A beekeepers Notes

My copy of “A beekeeper’s notes for the year” by Emma Sarah Tennant arrived this week.  Emma is a beekeeper who writes the blog Miss Apis Mellifera and the book  has  been based on her blog posts.  She keeps her bees with a hive partner, Emily Scott, who also blogs at Adventures in Beeland and I have followed both their blogs for some years now.

Emma has managed to capture the essence of her 2015  beekeeping year in her apiary in Ealing, London.  Dedicating a page to each month, we can follow her month by month through the pages that are well illustrated to show the changing seasons.  Here in France, we enjoy the convenience of having our hives at the bottom of the garden but I envied the camaraderie and companionship that she enjoys on her visits to the apiary.

The book would not only be a pleasure for an established beekeeper to read but also ideal for anyone just interested or tinkering with the idea of starting to keep bees.

It can be downloaded as a free ebook or a hard copy can be purchased with £2 of the purchase price being donated by Emma to the charity Bees for Development.  For all the details check out Emily’s web site Miss Apis Mellifera.

13 thoughts on “A beekeeper’s notes for the year

  1. It is a beautiful book! You have got confused between our names in the 2nd and last paragraphs (everyone does) – should be “Emma has managed to capture the essence” and Emma rather than Emily in the last paragraph? I hope you get the chance to visit us for tea and cake someday!

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  2. Dear Amelia, thank you for your lovely post about my book. I am so glad you have enjoyed mine and Emily’s bee adventures 🙂 I have just sat down this weekend for tea break with David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef series and to catch up on some blog reading, and I have enjoyed reading your review as much as I enjoyed putting the book together. Thank you ever so much! Emma x

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