Have you seen a glow worm?

glow worm

This is what a female glow worm looks like and as you can see from its size against the grass stem it is not very big, maybe two centimetres at a stretch.  However, at night time all you will see is a spot of green light.

The group Estuaire is trying to study glow worms in France and if you have a garden in France your assistance is invaluable to them.  They would like to find out where glow worms can be seen in France.  Are they more common in city gardens or country gardens?  Are they on the increase or decrease?

So have a look after dark in the garden and if you do see a glow worm let the association know http://www.asterella.eu/index.php?.

In addition, you can check out the summer skies and maybe even spot a shooting star.  Late July and early August might give you an even higher chance.

Close up of glow worm

In fact, glow worm hunting would be the ideal pastime for insomniacs, you just need to wait until it is really dark to start your hunt.  Like all sports it has its dangers and unless doted with extra sensory perception it is best to have a torch at hand to avoid the odd rake or misplaced rockery.

Last year I was given a “Special Mission” by the Association, so you are warned that glow worm hunting can become addictive.  I have other blogs and pictures of glow worms I have met but for more information check out the Association’s web site and good hunting!




32 thoughts on “Have you seen a glow worm?

  1. If weather conditions are right we have magical displays in the woods here, but the last couple of years I have not seen more than one or two.


    • You are unlikely to notice one unless you look after night fall for the pin prick of green glow. Stray light from housing or street lights makes finding them more difficult. Amelia


  2. Like you and others I’ve never seen a glow worm in the UK, only in ‘warm’ parts of Europe. And I’ve only ever seen fireflies in Italy. Do you get them? (If you have answered this in one of the many comments, sorry – missed it)


    • I have never seen fireflies here but you can get them in the warmer, southern regions of France. I don’t usually travel in the summer time, keeping to the garden and the sea, so I have never seen fireflies. I would love to see fireflies. Amelia


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