Not such a daft old bat

Sadly our annual bat visitor left us two days ago.  It was sad to look and find an empty space behind the shutter.  I checked the shutter on the other side of the French door but I knew he did not like that side.  No bat on the wall or on the shutters.

Then it occurred to me that it had started to rain two days ago.  So Kourosh was duly dispatched to the atelier with a torch because if anyone could find a needle in a haystack it would be him.

So, not very far away from where he had roosted last year, our bat had remember that there was a good place to shelter in inclement weather.

It does mean that the photographs are not so good as he is quite high up and the angle of the photograph is directly underneath him.

I’m glad he has not left us yet.  The weather is forecast to improve next week.


18 thoughts on “Not such a daft old bat

    1. All bats have eyes and you can see these better in my outside close-up of the bat in daylight in my previous post. My bat could see us well and would react to me getting too close by retreating. I have no idea how this saying originated. It sounds good and is easy to say but bears no connection to reality 🙂 Amelia

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  1. That must be so wonderful to have a bat living so near! I’ve been meaning to build a few bat houses for the property. I see them fluttering about at night. I hope your bat stays! 🙂


    1. I love to see the bats during the summer nights. I only see this single bat in the spring and I think my summer bats might be a different specie of bat. It would be interesting to put up bat boxes, perhaps local bat associations could advise you of the best ones for your area. Amelia

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    1. Bats have always appealed to me and having one visiting the house has made me learn a bit more about them. I am well-situated here as this area is limestone and has a lot of good natural habitats for bats as well as man-made ones. Amelia

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    1. He will try to find somewhere warm so our shutter would be too drafty. The Charente-Maritime is limestone and so their are many natural subterranean cavities as well as disused quarries. Our bat is small and likes to squeeze into a tight spot so it could even be in a barn or a house above the roof. The bigger bats like the horseshoe need more space and will cluster on the roofs of caves or in the roof spaces of old houses or churches. Amelia


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