We give Nature a home…usually

We plant flowers that all the bees like – not just the honey bees.

It is not too difficult finding the flowers for us and the bees.

I love Wisteria and it was good to see that a female blackbird has chosen the Wisteria growing on the wall of our outbuilding to make a nest.

Another blackbird has chosen to nest in a cherry tree in the back garden. Β (A blackbird nesting in a cherry tree? Β Not much hope for our cherries.)

Some accommodation is specially made and it is not only this Anthophora that has made use of this bee house.

The Barn Owls have taken to their adapted trunk high up in the outhouse.

Some accommodation, like the window shutter, is improvised and is a home for the Barbastelle bat.

Of course, good accommodation includes bathing facilities, much appreciated by the Redstarts.

However, when a swallow chose our living room it received a resounding shout of “Out!”, and the doors were firmly kept closed until it had chosen another nest site.

33 thoughts on “We give Nature a home…usually

  1. Laurin Lindsey

    I love it! We do this in our garden! And in gardens I design for other’s I work in plants that feed birds and pollinators and water-features for them to drink from…and of course for my clients to enjoy too!


    1. It would not surprise me. Many people with cats do not encourage birds to come into their garden. The number of cats kept in towns in the U.K. has increased in recent years and some people associate it with the decrease in sparrows and other small birds in their gardens. Amelia

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    1. They are down near us as well. It is hardly surprising. A lot of the little patches of woodland are being cut down and the agricultural fields enlarged. This is drying up the ground water and the little ponds are disappearing, the larger ones shrinking. Amelia

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  2. Your post made me smile for many reasons.
    Some years ago I came home to find that there had been a severe storm and two young swifts had taken up residence in one of the upstairs rooms, a window having been left open. I evicted them, VERY carefully, but we still find some of the signs.
    This year’s swifts arrived yesterday, but not in the house.


  3. I have to say that it is the sound as well as the sight of wildlife that brings the garden to life. Yesterday I saw the first Golden Orial in the mulberry tree, wonderful.


  4. One of the joys of gardening is sharing it with the wildlife. Robin’s built a nest in an old jug, in our large greenhouse this spring, the door is left open. The young fledged three days before the open gardens allowing me to put the nest out on display.

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