The canicule

A canicule (the dog days), in French, is a period of time when the daytime and the night time temperatures are extremely high.  We are having a canicule.  That means that what few apricots that the sudden late frost left us are now ripening fast.

The tomatoes are growing at an amazing speed.

The first lavender is just opening its buds and I steal some of the stalks from the bees in the early morning.

I look up, lavender in hand to see a hot air balloon between our Ash trees and I wave.  (A hot air balloon?  Is it the heat?)

Pull up!  Pull up!  I hope you know where you are going!

I knew where I was going.  The garden is too hot during the day so we may as well take advantage of living near the sea.




34 thoughts on “The canicule

  1. The beach looks great! I fear you are sending some of your heat here–we are threatened with 33 Celsius over the weekend. Today is a perfect sunny Seattle summer day. No tomatoes yet though 😦

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  2. Over here in Grenoble it’s a question of getting some height on the subject. With temperatures soaring and staying high we make use of the mountains we are spoiled for. The sea must be so welcome for you! As ever your pictures are absolutely stunning. Tonight we have guests for a casual supper. There will be plenty of garden fresh produce on the table (just not our garden since we are presently in a flat) – the marketeers look almost guilty at the rude choice of ripe and luscious, crisp and juicy delights they have on offer!!

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    1. It is good to have an escape route when the temperatures soar. Getting into the trees must soak up a lot of the heat. When the sun is really hot in the summer a parasol in the garden just does not work but sitting under a tree is fine. Amelia

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      1. I remember reading once, many years ago that trees always feel cool because they are constantly transpiring so we benefit from the cool water that they are releasing into the air even though we will not feel it as dampness. I need to look it up again and absorb the knowledge a little more fully but I think that is the gist.


    1. I’ve always loved the water. I taught myself to swim when I was very young and was not put off by outside unheated pools or the sea in Scotland. I’m softer now but I love being in, on or under the water. Amelia


  3. Hi Amelia..It’s been hot hot hot here too, today (friday) we are cooler so I’m taking advantage of this to try to find the momentum to catch up on chores… oh how we wished we lived a bit nearer to the coast, but being in the midlands not so. Enjoy yourselves. Sue

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    1. We have been so dry that I have noticed the lack of mosquitoes at night time this year. Still I would put up with them now if we could get some more rain. At least your garden is contented with the rain. Amelia


  4. A day at the seaside is what I could do with Amelia! Hot here too. We have had several days of ‘tropical nights’, as they call nights here where it doesn’t go below 20°C. Enjoy those apricots! 🙂

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    1. I have never cooked using the lavender. K has been experimenting with an essential oil distillation apparatus I bought for him and he has made mint oil. I am collecting some lavender just as it breaks into flower to see if we can get any lavender oil. Amelia

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        1. When we are making the oil we are talking of a very small quantity. The good thing is that you can dry the material so it is something we can do later in the year if the rain keeps us in (ha! ha!). It is just for the challenge but I do have quite a bit of lavender and I still leave some for the bees.

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