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Redstarts Breaking News


A few days ago, coming out of the back room from the kitchen I noticed that the red-start had thrown out a tiny broken egg shell.


I was quite excited hoping that the birds would let me have a quick look.  But, as both the male and female guard their nest, I am reluctant to disturb them too much.

Three days later, I did get my chance, as I saw the female returned with a caterpillar and then a few minutes later she left the nest,  So I rushed to have a look.  All five babies must have thought their mummy is back



7 thoughts on “Redstarts Breaking News

  1. We have redstarts and black redstarts in the garden here but I don’t know where the nests are, I enjoyed seeing yours.

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    • Christina,
      I was fortunate that the bird let me take that picture. Then I felt that I had to share it.
      Redstarts (both types) nest easily near the house. Try making a couple of open fronted nests fairly near the house, under a porch or something, or even on a tree, but out of the reach of the cat and hopefully the magpies.
      P.S. Has your husband been tempted with beekeeping yet?
      Best wishes

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      • Sadly there are huge numbers of magpies! We have quite thick hedges around the property so I’m sure they are finding lots of places to nest. The hives are still empty, we are worried the bees will need a lot of attention plus I don’t really like honey. All the bees around come to feed in the garden as do a lot of species of solitary bee, I wouldn’t want to rob them of their nectar source and pollen.

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  2. That’s a classic picture of the chicks with their beaks gaping!

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  3. Fantastic. Looking forward to seeing pictures of them growing and taking their first hops out of the nest!

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