Les jardins du Coq

I must admit that I get jealous when I read about the garden visits in the U.K.  However, I found a garden to visit – open from April and one and a half hours drive away.  It is also on our way to visit the orchids in St Maurice de Tavernole. So on a beautiful May day we paid the gardens a visit.

I suppose I had expected more similarities with garden I had visited in England, where I am excited by the prospect of discovering new plants and trees.

Here in France the gardens are designed not just for plants.  This garden of two hectares is divided into themes designed to evoke personal memories and a message of peace, love and liberty.

Even the straw acting as a dressing bears a tile with a quotation from Charles Baudelaire, “Ce qu’il y a d’ennuyeux dans l’amour, c’est que c’est un crime où l’on ne peut pas se passer d’un complice.”  So here you come to reflect and to relax. in the beauty of the garden.

The roses were not fully out in May.

There is a meadow area with the orchids and wild flowers left to their own devices.

There were bee orchids and purple orchids and other orchids not quite open.  Plenty of birds foot trefoil and

burnet moths.

There were goats and chickens for the children to see but the geese had been put in an enclosure as they can be a bit bad-tempered at this time of year.


Along the way I had plenty to think about. And as we found a pretty seating area we could not resist a little pause.

The bench could look good in our garden, and the message is in English this time.

A rather enigmatic message?

I like this idea of the roof tiles around the tree.  It is something I might try myself.

This is what is rare in France!

A tea room with a view!

How good did it feel to enjoy a pot of tea with accompanying sweet biscuits with a view like this!

O.K. I admit I am a philistine.  Perhaps I can return and make more of an effort to get in touch with my inner self.  It certainly has the necessary scenery and the hints to guide you on your way.

Good point!

Kourosh caught me from the other side of the lake taking a purposeful stride to the next stop.  Perhaps, I have still not sunk into the cool, relaxed mode that is recommended for this garden.

So I leave you with a very pertinent quote and a resolution to return another time to chill out and allow the ambiance and quotes to do their work.


10 thoughts on “Les jardins du Coq

  1. Hello Amelia,
    Enjoyed the virtual visit and really like the idea of written texts around the garden. What a shame with such lovely weather and scenery that there aren’t more opportunities for garden visiting for you nearby. It’s curious that the “reserved” Brits have such a long established scheme like the NGS, which isn’t apparently mirrored in other countries? Or maybe I just don’t know about such schemes..
    Best wishes

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    1. There is Rendez-vous aux jardins (https://rendezvousauxjardins.culture.gouv.fr/) but that was staged at the same time as La semaine européenne du développement durable, at Saintes near us which I was involved with. I probably would have taken the opportunity to visit one or two small gardens nearby but there are very few. I suppose France is a very big country and I do not think that we realise just how much gardens are enjoyed by the British in particular. Have you read “The Brother Gardeners” by Andrea Wulf? Amelia


  2. It never occurred to me that there would be fewer opportunities to view gardens in France than England. When I lived in France I wasn’t inclined to visit any.

    Anyway, I like the roof tiles with quotations myself. What a lovely addition to the garden.

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