The little bees

For those interested in the bees.

Bees in a French Garden

I was watching the bees and butterflies mob my Evodia tree (or Tedradium daniellii, depending on what you want to call it).  At the same time I noticed clouds of tiny flies around the flowers.  I had never noticed such numbers of tiny flies being attracted to my other “pollinator attractive” plants.

I managed to get close to some of the flowers on the lower branches and look closer at the “flies”.

I was horrified to see on closer inspection that they were tiny bees that I had mistaken for flies.  I measured the Evodia’s petal and it is between 4-5 mm., so that gives you an indication of how small these bees are.

I have already posted about Carpenter bees in France.

I can imagine these big but harmless bees terrifying tourists from northern Europe as they relax in the garden of their holiday home and experience these bees…

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5 thoughts on “The little bees

  1. These lovely mini-bees are known in East Anglia as sweat bees…
    a very unfair name, but accurately describes their habit of drinking sweat from arms and forehead…
    harvesting moisture and any minerals we may add by way of perspiration.


  2. As I sit here in my office on the second floor of my house in the Pyrenees, the window is open and the wisteria is still in bloom. It is a sea of these magnificent carpenter bees. I have tried on so many occasions to take a photograph that will do them justice but have yet to achieve that ambition, so well done! He(she?) looks magnificent.


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