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A View of Andalusia


Happy New Year to you all.  I do hope that this new year and the new decade will bring much happiness to everyone.

Amelia and I spent the holidays visiting my son in Andalusia, Spain, at Malaga.  On first of January the sun was shining beautifully and the temperature in the shade was about 18 degree C (65F).

Malaga 01.01.2020

There were even a few hardy people (must have been British!) who swam in the sea.

Malaga (03) 01.01.2020

The public WCs along the beach have always caught my eye.  The imagination and the artistic inspiration of the Spaniards impresses me.


The outside walls of the buildings were decorated with beach scenes.


Why should such ordinary buildings not be decorated?


The WCs were clean and clearly newly painted.


I think they would amuse the children as well as the adults.


It was not only the WCs, but many of the recycling bins near the beach were also decorated.


One last memory for me was the sign on one pet grooming shop in Malaga which did make me laugh.


Have a wonderful 2020.

    •  Kourosh

7 thoughts on “A View of Andalusia

  1. Happy new era to you both!
    May it bee beeautiful for you and your bees!

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  2. Always good to bring a smile Kourosh, thank you for sharing your sense of fun, a very good 2020 to you and Amalia

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  3. Hoping you two will have a BEE-utiful New Year. John

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  4. Happy New Year to both of you!


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