An unusual sight today 30 March 2020, it is snowing from early morning.  The air temperature is around 3-4 degrees C so the snow flakes melt when they touch the ground.

Two days ago I was sunbathing in my swimsuit in the garden.  However, the temperature is not forecast to drop below zero.


I have certainly spoken too soon.  The snow is giving a very decorative dusting to the garden.

We can never complain about the weather being boring.

6 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Oh, now that is just weird. I have seen snow falling only a few times when I was in other regions. The weirdest though, was when snow was falling from a clear sky. I know that rain does not fall straight down, and can fall when there are no clouds directly above, but this snow was falling from a clear blue sky with now clouds anywhere, as if it was condensing and falling spontaneously.


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