Judas Tree

At this time of year there is often one special plant in the garden.  At the moment it is our Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum).

They can grow as multi-stemmed plants and we received ours as an off-shoot from a friend.  In fact, he gave us two and we now have three from one we split ourselves.

These trees can grow up to 10 metres tall and they do very well in our area.  I have seen beautiful examples of huge old trees.

The flowers arrive before the leaves and are a special pink colour.

The flowers are the same shape as sweet peas or the flowers of green pea plants.

The flowers attract all the pollinators but especially the Carpenter bees that have the muscle and force to pierce the flower head to reach the nectar.

The nectar in the flower must be really good as the honey bees go to a lot of trouble to push open the lower petals of the flower.

She really has to keep up the pressure and take her “shoulder” to it before she can get the flower to open.

You can see her licking her tongue here, obviously worth the effort.

Now the trees are starting open their leaves while keeping their flowers.  The fresh leaves are shiny and very attractive.

Definitely a star of the April garden!


20 thoughts on “Judas Tree

            1. We try to keep a back-up for our favourite plants. It is space limiting, as we also try to propagate for friends. I have never quite managed to get a good “nursery” area worked into the garden design as I never knew we would need one when I started gardening.

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                1. That is so correct and if I lived in the U.K. I would have less need. Here, however, the selections in the professional nurseries is very poor and our friends are always grateful of getting something different. That said, I have been very pleased with the quality of plants I have been getting from the on-line nurseries. Amelia

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                  1. Ha! We put so much of what gets removed from the landscape into the recovery nursery to use elsewhere in the landscapes, even though we know that we have no use for some of it. Instead, it goes to neighbors. It works out well.

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  1. Your tree is very beautiful. I also liked the pictures of the carpenter bees with their blue wings. I saw them once in France but never here although there have been one or two reports this year in the UK.


    1. The Carpenters are comic. They fly like tanks and often fly faster than their steering abilities allow them. They seem to be very attracted to flowers with pea-shaped flowers like the brooms, Wisteria, Coronilla and even broad bean flowers. Amelia


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