8 thoughts on “July 2020 Beehouse Update

  1. Malcolm Gillham

    Hi Amelia,
    Your last two entries have been a joy. We have been in our new house in the Dordogne for one month, and I relate very much to the comments in your ‘Author’ section: “There was so much to do in the house that there was little energy left for the hard tasks in the garden”. We are exhausted. However, wildlife is always present – and I hope soon to share what I have found and what I think needs to be done. I shall be using your blog for guidance!
    Do you think your mystery bee could be a species of Chelostoma?
    Cheers, Malcolm.

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    1. There are mashed leaves and whole cut leaves holes (Megachiles, probably), Crystalline crumble (Heriades, probably), smooth, clear changing to opaque (Colletes family), stony crumble (Chelestoma, probably). My pretty white scopa bee looks to short for the Chelestoma and she is using cut leaves to fill the hole, but you could be right. Amelia


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