Comet Neowise over the garden

Yesterday was a beautiful day with the sky an all covering Charentaise blue.  We decided to look for the comet Neowise as darkness fell.

We localised the Big Dipper and there was the comet between the trees.

I have never taken photographs of comets or stars before so it was pretty hit or miss.  You maybe just able to see the shadow of our trees at the edges of the photograph.

This photograph is thanks to Picassa, but actually closer to what the eye sees.  The stars are showing as dashes as the world turns as I hold down my shutter release.

You should be able to see the comet for the next few days if you have clear skies.

7 thoughts on “Comet Neowise over the garden

  1. Amelia, for anyone who is having difficulty finding it, this website by the open-source Stellarium group of amateur astronomers is very good…. it is “” and is a secure “https://” site…..

    For those who want to use it, don’t allow it to access your location…. it gets it wrong… especially if you aren’t connected by wire!
    Instead, click on the button at bottom left that says NULL or NEAR NULL and use their map to position yourself accurately…. I could place the pointer where I was intending to set up in the garden!!

    There are also free Apps for iOS and Android tablets and ‘phones.
    After all, it can both be seen with the naked eye…. and your next chance is in 6000 years!!

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