An exceptional November

The Liquidambar’s autumn colours say autumn.

I actually enjoy raking the colourful leaves and continue to mulch my front borders as I weed them and make plans for autumn replantings.

I am spending even more time in the garden as we are still confined to the house except for essential limited cases.

So things are different this year. The garden is different. It is warm and sunny here. The Cosmos sulphureus which have been wilting towards winter have started to reflower.

The coloured Cosmos which have finished weeks ago have started to grow from the seeds set this year and are now flowering.

The Salvia “Hot lips” is still going strong.

The Fuschia has fewer flowers but still putting on a good show.

My Abutilon are in their element and I am glad I attempted these plants that will not survive severe winters.

So we are still enjoying our coffee on the patio beside the Salvia leucantha in the sunshine.

The pollen sac on the white tailed bumble bee tells me she has decided to have a brood at the end of November. I hope her optimism is well founded.

After all the raspberries are still producing fruit.

The Mahonia bushes are full of bumble bees.

The Wall butterfly (Lasiommata megera) suns itself in the garden.

Our little green tree frog enjoys the sunshine behind the shutter. She appreciates the sunshine – confinment or conditions or covid – do not concern her.

Is she saying “Du calme, mes amis.” ?

14 thoughts on “An exceptional November

  1. It certainly doesn’t look like November, but it is wonderful that you can still enjoy time on your patio and still have so many flowers. I love your amber tress. We have just planted two young ones. πŸ˜ƒ We have had sunshine too, but temperatures are clearly a lot lower here. About 4Β°C today. But I still have bees on my Chrysanthemums.

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    1. I am sure your Liquidambar trees will become firm favourites at this time of year for you. I am just getting to the stage in our garden to be able to start to plan to have interest in the places that matter throughout the year. Amelia

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    1. I often read about plants not liking wet conditions but it is something I never have to concern myself with here. I zoom in on the plants that can stand drought. We are so lucky at the moment with the weather as the restrictions in place for the Covid do upset our habits and life here. At least with this sunshine we can truly look on the bright side :). Amelia

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  2. There you go again, I’m jealous of your November flowers. Our bees have been consoldiated to smaller, winter, hives and given quilt boxes to keep them warmer and drier through the deep winter. With our roller-coaster weather, we also loaded them up with mashed comb and honey (up top), so they’d save their frames of comb for the really cold weather.

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