Bees in the heather

“That’s not a honeybee!”, said Kourosh. He was right! There were plenty of honeybees in the winter flowering heather but he was not one of them. Yesterday morning (16 February 2021) was warm and sunny and the cute little bee was not a honeybee. I thought he looked like a male bee because he had elegant long antenna and the furry face looked like some of the solitary male bees I have seen.

As I watched him another, slightly larger bee, alighted on some nearby heather flowers and he immediately leapt on top of her. Well, that settled the question rapidly.

You would think I would know what type of bees they are but these photographs are not good enough to identify them. There are just under 1,000 species of bees in France (20,000 species in the world).

However, it was a very special moment and it brought home to me that spring is coming. Everything is on the move and it is worth keeping your eyes wide open.

If anyone is interested I have more photographs in Bees in a French Garden.


15 thoughts on “Bees in the heather

    1. I think the confinement and closure/cessation of our normal winter activities has made me concentrate even more on the arrival of spring. I am looking at spring as the beginning of a release from constraints. Whether this will be the case or not… Amelia


  1. Malcolm Gillham

    Here in Switzerland the snow has just melted, and I still have my gloves in my coat pocket – but this week it will be 16C and sunny every day. In a few days my mind has gone from ‘when will this winter end’ to ‘I’d better get back to France quickly before it’s too late to prune the roses’! I’m getting that early Spring feeling that soon things will move too fast to keep up – maybe it’s lockdown, or the brain needs to warm up after hibernation, or just age…

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    1. I think it is the natural spring feeling. It does not take many warm spring days in the garden before you can throw off the cobwebs of winter. I have just been trawling through the net to look at summer flowers. I feel that our garden is more oriented towards spring and autumn flowers and I wondered if I could balance it. In fact, a lot of summer flowers are not my favourites. I hope you will soon be able to take a trip to your new garden. Amelia


    1. Thank you so much! It is so kind of you! I did not get any good wing shots to have a better idea. I follow your photographs on Flikr so sometimes I can recognise the bees and other insects as I know what to look for at the correct time. Amelia


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