Week of Flowers, Day One

Winter flowering Honeysuckle, Lonicera fragrantissima 17.1.21

I decided to start my week of flowers by looking back to the beginning of the year. The Winter Honeysuckle is a perfumed star of our winter garden.

Early flowering plum tree, 25.2.21

The plum tree opens its flowers with its own special perfume in February.

Thank you Cathy for hosting, “A Week of Flowers, 2021”.

9 thoughts on “Week of Flowers, Day One

    1. Bees do not have a nose but a much, much more sensitive sense of smell than us. Their antenna can detect very low concentrations of molecules that will lead them towards pollen and nectar. Remember, they live inside their hives in the dark so their sensitive eyes are not working whilst they are in the hives tending the larvae and storing pollen and making honey – all done by smell and touch. Amelia

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