A Week of Flowers, Day 4

Manuka flowers, 5.5.21

We bought some Manuka bushes as a present for our honey bees and to see if we might get some interesting flavours in the honey. Well, so far it has worked in the reverse. We love the pink flowers but the honey bees have so far ignored them. At least some of the solitary wild bees appreciate them.

Hypericum, 9.6.21

My Hypericum has been grown from seed given to me by a friend who did not know the variety. It is probably “Hidcote” which is a very popular variety. The seeds were amazingly fruitful and the seedlings extremely sturdy, so I have a large reservoir of Hypericum plants I can pop into needy places in the garden. They reward you with prolific yellow flowers in the summer and require little care and attention.

6 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers, Day 4

  1. A beautiful photo of your Manuka flowers Amelia. I had heard of Manuka honey, but had no idea what the flowers look like. Do you get a lot of wild bees in your garden? It is nice that your Hypericum seeds around for you. The wild one does here, and can be seen in the countryside everywhere around us from June onwards. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. We get a lot of wild bees in the garden and I try to grow as many flowers for them as possible. They are not necessarily the same ones as the honeybees prefer. I’m not sure if my Hypericum is self seeding. I have so many plants because I planted so many seeds in the first place! We do not get the bush type of Hypericum growing here in the wild but we do get Hypericum officianalis. Amelia

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