In praise of Lavatera

Some plants tick all the boxes for me. Lavatera is one of my favourites. It does not ask for special treatment. It prefers full sun but can manage in partial shade and manages well through dry periods.

In June the plant is in full bloom, providing a mass of flowers.

This was the Lavatera near the house in April this year. It was already filling out and pushing out its soft green leaves.

Now in June it is covered in flowers and attracts all sorts of pollinators drawn by the nectar. It has a rapid growth. You can take advantage of this if you want to quickly fill up a space in the garden.

Unfortunately the rapid growth can lead to branches breaking with the weight of the leaves and flowers. Looks like we should have given it a more severe cutting in April. However, it is easily grown from a cutting. In the U.K. it is preferable to take a softwood cutting in spring but they grown well from cuttings taken in the autumn here as long as they are not exposed to harsh weather. We often find an offshoot at the base of mature plants too.


11 thoughts on “In praise of Lavatera

  1. One of my Mum’s faourites. We have the weedy kind here that I let flower for the bees. I did not know that it is related okra, cotton etc. Should have looked more closely at the flowers. Then it is obvious.

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    1. Pruning the Lavatera is a constant bone between Kourosh and I :). I say he never prunes it enough and it goes too leggy. It is such a vigorous plant that it is easy to underestimate it in autumn. A friend says you should cut it to a height of 10 cm. and I think she is correct. Like that you will get new growth. Cuttings take very well so you can keep some if you are nervous of killing the plant. Amelia

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