Sunflower time

The sunflowers have started to flower around us here in the Charente Maritime in France.

There are some small fields near us.

A little further on there are fields so large that their yellow blends into the horizon.

This year the bees and bumble bees have descended upon the sunflowers and so I presume they must be producing a good supply of nectar although it has been an overall dry season.

The different sunflower hybrids produce nectar with different sugar mass quantity so whether this season will produce an abundant honey supply or not remains to be seen.

For the moment our girls at the bottom of the garden are very busy.


13 thoughts on “Sunflower time

  1. Hi! It seems early to me here in Canada where we wouldn’t see sunflowers until mid-late August. What time does your lavender peak, or what time would be the best to visit to see the lavender and see it harvested? Our lavender is just out now early-mid July.

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    1. Our lavender in the garden is out now. The clumps in full sun have been out for over a week and the more shaded ones are just coming into flower now. You have to follow the sun to the south of France to see the commercial lavender fields. The Provence region is famous for its lavender which would start probably mid June and finish mid July. Amelia

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    1. Such a difficult subject. I think the seeds are coated – probably a fungicide. The seeds can be genetically modified to be resistant to herbicides which can be freely used in their fields to keep down the weeds. One thing I do know is that the farmers around here are totally ignorant of how it all works and only use the seeds given by their coop and follow (or not) the instructions they are given. They do not know what seeds they are using or why. They are often mainly vine growers around here and the sunflower, rape and grain are secondary concerns. They are hard working but genetical modification and the wider effects of pesticides are far beyond them. Amelia


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