The rhythm continues

The rhythm of summer has begun.

It is hot, although this year there is more of a breeze in the garden.

We all have our habits. We take our morning coffee in the front garden but soon it will be too hot for that and we will shift to the cool of the trees in the back garden.

The shade of a parasol is getting insufficient to keep the heat of the sun at bay on the patio.

In addition we have to do our “frog check” each time we open the parasol.

He is not easy to dislodge.

The parasol has to be removed and the frog shaken on to the lemon tree close-by in a pot. This is a secondary favourite haunt so he will hop off easily.

This is a closer view for those of you who cannot see him in the photo above.

In fact, it is much easier to take our coffee in the back garden now.


13 thoughts on “The rhythm continues

  1. Paddy Tobin

    We are in the hot days also, probably not nearly as hot as you experience, but very uncomfortable for working in the garden, very tiring, even dangerous.

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    1. I find it very difficult getting into a different daily rhythm when the temperature fluctuates so markedly and I feel sorry for the parched plants. Usually the ultra heat does not last much longer than a week here. Amelia

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        1. The sun here is much stronger so I can only manage in the garden in the high 20’s if I keep to the shade. Luckily we have some shady areas now. We had not realised how important shade was for the garden when we first started.

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  2. What great camouflage! We have had a few cooler days, but are bracing ourselves for the next wave of heat coming our way. It has been a lovely summer here so far though, so can’t complain.

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    1. I’m glad you are enjoying your summer. After the early heatwave, it has made me nervous about an extra hot summer which I would find difficult. So far the heat has not been excessive so it is better not to worry about things before they happen :). Amelia

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