They grow up so fast!

Outside our kitchen door we have access to what is called the cellier. In this cellar we keep a lot of our beekeeping equipment, and so in spring we need access to that place very frequently.

So, spring being what it is, the birds help themselves to the shelter that the beam is providing to make a nest, reducing our ability to freely visit the cellar. This year it started with the robin.

She visits the back of the house where we have placed a water trough for the bees. She has her daily bath there. So it was not surprising that we found she had laid 6 eggs there.

about 10 days later I saw that two eggs had hatched. What happened to the others?

After that, it did not seem to take long before they flew up to the nearby ash tree.

A couple of weeks later I noticed that the redstart was flying back and forth from the nearby washing line to the same nest.

Four eggs! I wondered what will happen to them. That was 18th of June.

I investigated on the 23rd of June and behold all but one chic had hatched.

Two days later they were all in the nest.

They were so tiny. But on 2nd of July, they seemed big enough to leave the nest.

On 5th of July, all I had was an empty nest. The birds had all gone to the nearby trees.

Robin and the sparrows visit the water trough and share it with our bees. With these very dry and also hot days that the French call the canicule, (the dog days) with temperatures around upper 30s and reaching 40 degree C (over 100 degrees F), we ensure that there is plenty of water for all the birds and the bees.

Amelia and I are concerned that although we water the vegetable patch and a few of the more precious shrubs, we will inevitably loose some plants and even trees. The heat is literally killing their leaves to a frazzle. Gardening is getting difficuly. I did try to cut down a branch of the ash tree, but without success. The pigeon had decided to nest just above the branch.

So, I do hope everyone keeps well and keeps cool.

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14 thoughts on “They grow up so fast!

  1. Your bird photos are excellent! I’m afraid to get too close to the nest for fear of frightening away the parents. We have a lot of magpies here and I’m told that they take the eggs and baby birds from the other birds’ nests. I also keep water out for various creatures, here in the Vaucluse it has been the same temperatures as you are having, with no end in sight.


    1. thelivesofk

      Thank you, It is always so rewarding to see the birds nesting in your own garden. You are absolutely correct about magpies and also jays. They are a real danger to young fleglings. Perhaps that is why they sheltered close to the house where the magpies do not come.
      Meanwhile the forecast for all of us is more of the same or even hotter weather.It is wise to stay indoors.


  2. Paddy Tobin

    Keeping cool is a challenge at the moment. We have a Red Weather Warning here in Ireland for heat, something very very rare here. We are sheltering indoors and venturing out to rescue plants occasionally with a can of water.


    1. thelivesofk

      Thanks for your comment. It seems all Europe is suffering, not just from heat but lack of water. In the south of our department in France, in the last two days 10,000 hectares of forest has been on fire and not yet under control. It is so sad.

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      1. Paddy Tobin

        We have had warnings of possible fires – a rare situation here in Ireland where such fires only happen when somebody starts them on purpose. We have a few very hot days ahead.


          1. Paddy Tobin

            The same here, the hottest day. I painted the road gate and felt nauseous before I was finished. Indoors now, lots to drink and all is well. The rest of the day will be spent at leisure!

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  3. Is that last photo baby pigeons? Lovely shots of inside the nests. We don’t have access to any around our house, but we had redstarts, sparrows and wagtails, as well as the house martins. It would be so nice to be able to see inside the house martin nests! Stay cool. And I hope your trees make it – our first three years at this house were drought years and we had planted on a grand scale – each and every young tree we lost (despite watering) was a tragedy. Water if you can!

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  4. thelivesofk

    Thank you, Cathy. Yes, the last photo was of baby pigeons. I try to be as careful as possible when taking photos of their nest, so that I do not touch the nest and wait only when mummy has left for a few minutes.
    Gradening is getting a hazzard. The cold spell in Spring destroyed all the fruit for us on plum trees, persimums and cheriies. All we have left is a very small quantity of apples. There is a limit how many trees we can water in a largish garden – like yours. Ours is 4000 M square.
    Keep cool and have a good summer.


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