The Potter Wasp returns

I heard her coming as I stepped outside of the front door.

The pot had already been covered and she spent the next two days adding layers of mud to weather proof her nest for the winter.

I was fascinated to see her bring the smooth mud ball, held against her thorax by her front legs and her head.

The mud ball was then smoothed into place, perhaps to resemble the stone wall surface?

This is the type of pot she is covering, so she is capable of a much finer work. I had watched a pot being built last October. Perhaps it was from that very pot that she has emerged this year.


17 thoughts on “The Potter Wasp returns

  1. CarlyJ

    Hello – I usually read your posts and often forward them to other people but I don’t actually tell you how enjoyable and informative they are. So this is me telling you and thanking you! Bonne weekend. 🙂

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    1. I must be honest and admit it was just outside the door, otherwise I would probably have missed it. But I do agree that if people had more interest in the vast array of beautiful insects that surround us they would have more concern and respect for their lives. Amelia

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