Where do butterflies go when it’s cloudy?

It’s cloudy today, not cold just cloudy and there has been a short shower of rain.

But no butterflies.

A few days ago we went for a walk.

(Melanargia galathea, Marbled white)

There were butterflies everywhere.

(Melanargia galathea, Marbled white)

Just to prove what I am saying, I’ll show you a photograph of two at one time.

( Colias crocea, Common clouded yellow)

There were yellow ones.

(Pieris brassicae, Large white)

White ones.

(Aricia agestis, Brown Argus)

Brown ones.

The wild scabious was very popular with them.

(Azuritis reducta, Southern white admiral)

It was the same in the garden.

(Inachis io, Peacock)

The Peacock butterflies were abundant.

But not today.  Where do butterflies go when they don’t fancy taking a turn out to sip some nectar?

The bees I understand, they stay in their hives or nests if the weather is bad.  But the bees are still active today, if somewhat subdued compared to a sunny day.

Do butterflies suffer from depression if it is not sunny?


14 thoughts on “Where do butterflies go when it’s cloudy?

    1. I have a little more incentive now. I am in contact with an association in the region that wants reports of the butterflies that are present, even the common ones. They are trying to keep a records. So instead of just admiring them I try to take a photo and note down the details.
      I’ve still had no luck in tracking down a bumblebee association here.


        1. Thank’s for that link you have given to Amelia, Susan. I think that I’ll follow that up… I have the time to log what we have here as I can do it while gardening and mowing.
          There are a couple of small[ish] butternuts that can have your name on them…


  1. I was wondering the same thing about damselflies and dragonflies. I only ever see them on still sunny days. So where do they go the rest of the time? A mystery.


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