First published photograph

One of my photographs has just been published for the first time!

Two bumble bees on rose

O.K., O.K., I know it was only 7 x 5 cm. (3 x 2 inches) and the print quality was dubious but the original isn’t exactly Nature Photographer of the Year quality either.

However, it was in Buzz Magazine which is produced as a newsletter for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust  I had replied in a Forum to another member who was wanting suggestions of what rose bushes to plant in her garden that might be suitable for bumblebees.  I have found that my climbing rose Madame Isaac Péreire attracts large numbers of bumblebees and some bees when it is in flower so I included a photograph with my reply with two bumblebees on a single rose.  The photograph was picked up by the editor and used in this issue of the Buzz newsletter.

I cannot think of anywhere I’d be happier to see one of my photographs.   They are a great organisation and provide news and information about bumblebees.

I had great fun photographing the bees on the rose last May, see the post Madame Isaac Péreire and remember you saw it first here on A French Garden!