Wildlife Wednesday – A Perfect Storm

Are your garden plants treated with neonics? Julie is highlighting the lack of clarity in labelling of treated plants destined for our gardens.
Will gardeners be able to lobby for more transparency? Even in France?

Gardening Jules

Inspired by Tammy’s Casa Mariposa blog, I have been trying for some time to compile a list of UK Garden Centres and Nurseries which sell plants without neonics – systemic insecticide use. I am failing. The RHS were unable to help – despite selling a licensed logo “Perfect for Pollinators” This isn’t regulated – plants can be treated with neonicintoid insecticides and still carry the label.

Astrantia Roma Astrantia Roma and Bumblebees

Neonics, used to kill off insects by commercial growers deemed to be aesthetically harmful to a plant, stay within the plant – that same systemic insecticide is able to kill the very pollinators it’s labelled to attract. Which is beyond stupid. Laced with hidden toxic chemicals enticing us to buy the perfect plant we are creating a pollinator death trap. Dave Goulson reports “Neonics in soil can persist for years. They can also last for several years once inside perennial…

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8 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – A Perfect Storm

  1. The problem is that gardeners will buy these plants labelled “good for pollinators” thinking they are doing something positive when in reality they will be killing bees and other pollinators!


  2. It is worrying that plants I buy for our garden might already be laced with neonics. There really should be more transparency about this. And why use pesticides at all for gardening? I can sympathise with commercial agriculturalists who must find some sort of practical solution, but the back garden surely doesn’t need to look so perfect? Thanks for sharing this, something to keep in mind while buying our new plants this week.


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