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    1. That’s how I feel. You should not worry about bumblebees. The vet that looks after our local bee association says that there have been no reports of bumblebee stings in France. Bumblebees are not aggressive and only some types might possibly sting if you tried to dig out a large nest. Honeybees are not usually aggressive but they will sting if upset or if you go near their hive. Amelia

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  1. Bumble Bee wins on cuteness alone… It’s obviously had a hard day at work, and can’ go another buzz further – I think that we can all relate to that 😉
    Growing your own saffron crocus is such a reward, isn’t it, and this little creature has just added another layer.
    Thank you so much for sharing nature at its best🌸💕🌸

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    1. I find the bumblebees so cute and fluffy! I often find them asleep in the saffron and that is one of the pleasures of growing saffron for me. That and the perfume of the petals. It always makes me think of spring (wrong season but still very pleasant.) Amelia


    1. Yes, there are some of life’s experiences that we would like to learn from others second hand rather than experience ourselves :). The saffron flowers have to be gathered daily and mine can flower over two weeks at least. It could be considered a bit of a bind but it does not take long. I leave the pistils to air dry so you have to put a couple of plates out of the way somewhere. Amelia


  2. Ha! 😍 So adorable!! Great quiz. I would leave the cute bumblebee in its deep stupor. Regarding the saffron… I’m glad that you shared that you grow it…. I only just planted some this fall and hope to harvest it in future years. I have to grow them in containers due to our gopher population. Do you have tips on growing and harvesting? If you wrote about it in a previous blog, please link so I can enjoy and learn. Thank you for that darling photo of the sleeping bumblebee. 🐝

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    1. Everybody seems to be with me on leaving the bumble to its slumbers! I have written a few times about the saffron, try https://afrenchgarden.wordpress.com/2017/10/27/saffron-harvest-2017/. There is also a search button that I use on my blog at the top right hand corner. I don’t think the style is very visible but I know it is there. I find it very handy but I notice your search button is not on your individual blog page. Amelia

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      1. Thanks for this link Amelia! Very useful post about saffron. Is there a time of day that you harvest or does it matter? You have a lot! So impressive. Regarding the search button, I should see if I can figure out how to add it to each blog, as you mention. Thanks Amelia!

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        1. I try to collect the saffron late afternoon after the bees are finished with it, especially the bumble bees. It would not affect the saffron if it was more convenient to gather it later. I am still gathering a few flowers every day, but it is much reduced. I will try and weigh it this year to give you an idea of what I get dry weight.

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            1. The crocus flowers are finished now and I have dried all my saffron. I have got 3.8 grams. I would say that it is my average harvest, just to estimate by looking. I don’t think I have a good business model here if I wanted to make money :).

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    2. I forgot to say about the saffron. I grow it outside in a dedicated bed that is about 3.5 metres by 1.8 metres. I let the bulbs flower and wait until the leaves die away and then I cover them with cardboard. I do this as I don’t know any other way to avoid keeping a bare flower bed weed free. Every couple of years I have to dig up the big clumps and put the bulbs into bare places. I must weigh my saffron this year and let you know – it is not much. Amelia

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