Snow in a French Garden

We have been having a cold spell which has kept me out of the garden. It is not just the cold but the grey skies and lack of sunshine has left the leaves unraked. It is a job I reserve to keep me occupied in the garden when it is sunny.

Yesterday afternoon we had snow. The flurry did not last long and it had melted before the morning.

The Hellebores were covered with snow but are showing no sign of flowering.

This will be the first really cold weather for some of the new plants. The Azara looks like a mini Christmas tree but is hardy enough as we have only been having lows down to a minimum of minus three degrees Centigrade.

I have to thank Kourosh for these photographs because I stayed by the fire.


21 thoughts on “Snow in a French Garden

  1. The fact that you are experiencing a cold wave and we, in southern Europe, have temperatures of 19ºC in December, has meant that the rain is falling heavily here and many areas of Portugal are suffering from floods, namely the Lisbon area and surroundings. The situation is complicated for many people.
    Clearly climate change in action…..

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  2. janesmudgeegarden

    Staying by the fire sounds like the best option! It’s actually quite cool here in the mornings as cold air is coming up from Antarctica. Definitely not our usual summer weather.

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  3. Ah, the only elm I saw in Oklahoma was Ulmus americana. If I saw Ulmus rubra, I did not know what it was. I did not go to regions where Ulmus crassifolia is native, although I know that they do not necessarily stay within their documented boundaries.


  4. I’m just belatedly catching up with my favorite gardeners…. how pretty that snow is in your garden! Sounds like we can thank Kourosh for bravely venturing outdoors for those photos! I’m glad you have a cozy fire to keep warm to. I’ve been enjoying mine as well. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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