A Week of Flowers, Day 2

Hellebore, 25.2.21

In February the Helebore are flowering around the garden. I love these tough flowers. They will grow in shady spots and yet survive in sunny spots and take the beating summer sun. They like it in the garden and self-seed providing me with plenty of plants for ground cover in difficult spots.

Hyacinth, 1.3.21

By March the garden is filling up with the colour of the spring flowers. March is a colourful month. I have often grown Hyacinth in bowls indoors and they get a second life in the garden when I plant them out after their flowers pass.


16 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers, Day 2

      1. That’s one thing that makes hellebores so valuable isn’t it? The early flowers I remember seeing a bee asleep on one in February. I thought it was dead, but not there a half hour later, so just very, very happy!

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            1. Amazing! I checked that out on the internet. We do have some very small partially metallic bees but I see them rarely. Often the only way to ID the bees is to catch and dissect them. I do not go that far. I have caught some and put them in the fridge. This makes them sleepy and I can take a quick photo inside for ID. This works and does not hurt them. They soon wake up and fly off. I have another blog at Bees in a French Garden https://wordpress.com/view/beesinafrenchgarden.wordpress.com. Unfortunately, it will not help you with your IDs,

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