A Week in Flowers, Day 5

Rose Veilchenblau 31.5.21

Now our summer is starting at the end of May. I have a confession to make – I am not a rose person!

I find they need too much care and fussing to get the most out of them. Kourosh looks after our roses and I just grumble a bit if they are not perfect.

Veilchenblau gets a special pass from me as I find it so special. Perhaps because it only flowers once in the season that I appreciate it more. Also the bees adore the flowers.

Verbena bonariensis 20.7.21

When the self seeded Verbena bonariensis is flowering throughout the garden it means that we are in mid summer.


15 thoughts on “A Week in Flowers, Day 5

  1. I am somewhat relieved to find out that I am not the only person in the world who does not like roses much! I mean, I do love them when I see them, but have absolutely no desire to grow them! I suppose it is mainly the thorns. Your violet one really is gorgeous though, and no doubt adds some beauty and colour to the garden. I would definitely not want to be without Verbena bonariensis though! 😃 Thanks for sharing Amelia.

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  2. I confess not to be much of a rose person either as far as growing them, but your Veilchenblau is a lovely rich color I admire. Verbena bonariensis is the opposite in term of care requirements–great value in the garden for butterflies and bees (and gardeners).

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  3. Your rose is a beautiful colour and I bet it has an amazing scent – the best thing about roses I find. Although I have a few roses in my garden I’m not hugely keen on growing them either, though I do like seeing them in other gardens, I’m the same regarding Dahlias!

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    1. I have changed my mind about Dahlias this year. They do not get enough rain here to do really well but because they have tubers they persist in the hot and dry soil and will have good years if there is a bit more rain. Amelia

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    1. It is an Amegilla. I do not think you get them in the U.K. I get a lot of them in the summer and they are particular favourites. They fly extremely fast and are very fond of the Verbena and the Lavender flowers. Amelia


        1. They look very similar but they do not have an arolia between their tarsal toes. That is impossible to see unless you catch one put it in the fridge and photograph it very quickly. They don’t stay quiet for long so you have to have the camera all set up. They are quite small and fly very fast, so they are not easy to net either :).

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